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Carlo Hinojosa Relión

Programmer / Tech Artist




Thin Geometric Lines
Thin Geometric Lines



VR Holo-Plants

Grimoires Crusade

Abstract Minimalist Dots Shapes

Unreal Engine (Online Integration, UI Design, UI Programming)

Unity 3D Project (Gameplay, Shaders, Game Design, Producer)

Unity 3D / Python (CNN which analysed Handwriting for a game)



Current project

Unity 3D Mobile Game (Solo project)

Unity 3D (Gameplay Programming, Post Processing, Game Design)

Unity 3D (Post Processing, Shader/Material, Lighting Configuration)

VR Holo-Plants

Unity 3D Project (Gameplay, Shaders, Game Design, Producer)


During my studies in SAE Institue we developed a VR Game within 3 months, we had to create a fake mini studio which we called "Oasis Games"

The team:

Carlo Hinojosa - Producer, Programmer, Tech Art, Game Designer

Rodrigo Pérez - Lead Programmer

Aarón Galindo - Lead Artist, Character Modeler, Environments

Producing/Designing the game

We started by talking about what we liked about game making, so we elected the roles we would take; as nobody wanted to do Game Desing but me, so I started to make the GDD of the game.

Then we voted for who would be our producer; as I got elected, I started by developing a schedule we could follow to get to the deadline with the game complete.

Shader Development

I Began Learning about shaders with this project (It was my first introduction to shaders), So I recreated some Outrun shaders based on the references we had. I made every shader of the game in shader graph, I also created the skybox plus post-processing configuration.

Trailer Editing

We were tasked with creating a trailer for the game; I edited it in premiere and posted it on YT. Here is the result:

Grimoires Crusade

Unreal Engine (Online Integration, UI Design, UI Programming)



A game I made with a group of friends for the global game Jam 2021. You can find it on our Itch.io. The idea was to create an online game, given that we were in pandemic season, so everyone could play it whit their friends.

A multiplayer puzzle adventure where players must work together to complete a series of puzzles while surviving hordes of enemies. One of the players will be the wizard, given a legendary grimoire containing the answers to each game puzzle. The rest of the players, the knights, must protect the wizard while he reads the grimoire.

I implemented online connectivity to the game and created/programmed the UI.

The team:

Carlo Hinojosa - online conectivity, menus, git management/organization

Adidier Perez - online percistency framework

Iván Carballar - AI, puzzles

José MaDel Hoyo - HUD, game design

Juan Felipe Romero - character and puzzle programing, 3D art, game design

Santiago Zamarripa - 3D art, game icons

Yunuén Vladimir Sánchez - music

Online Connectivity

For this game, I was Tasked with implementing the online system, which involved many steps, but here are the most important ones.

Hosting a session

We wanted our players to be able to create sessions with their friends could join via LAN or standard

Connecting to a game.

Implementing the session list and the ability to join them

Value persistency

Implementing a system for sharing essential game values between players

UI Development

I also created the UI of the game, generating the assets plus the functionality programming


Unity 3D / Python (CNN which analysed Handwriting for a game)


For my Bachelor's degree thesis, I wanted to implement the use of convolutional neural networks in games because the use of this type of technology in games is not that broad. So I made a CNN capable of generating a test for players based on their handwriting with graphological análisis, which resulted in the type of player they were.

Project organization

The first thing I did was organize my schedule to reach deadlines without any problem.

Generating Handwriting DataSets with python and PIL

The first thing I did was standardize the handwriting datasets because five different datasets were merged: IAM Handwriting Database, IAM Online Document Database, IAM Online Handwriting Database, and NIST Special Database 19. I manipulated all images using drive, collab and PIL.

First, I cropped the handwriting part of each dataset, then I stepped the saturation of each image, and finally I pasted it on a white image so that they all had an A4 size

Generating Drawing DataSets with python and PIL

I also had to generate a dataset of drawings because I needed my CNN to differentiate between drawings and handwriting in case some player decided to doodle the test. For this, I used the QuickDraw Google Database, and I also created some data from scratch with PIL.

Training in python with Tensorflow

Then I started designing and Training the CNN with Tensorflow and Python, getting an accuracy rate of %0.9729 plus a validation rate of %0.9667

Deploying in Unity

I converted the trained CNN from .h5 to .onnx so that C# could use it. Here is the result

Creating a Game Which used the tool

I decided to make the pre-alpha of a game so that it could be more understandable to use this tool in game making, which was a game that changed depending on the player the analysis got.


Unity 3D Mobile Game (Solo project)


A game for mobile which recreates the super Monkey Ball mechanics but with a vaporwave aesthetic

It was developed in Unity 2019, my first mobile game.


Unity 3D (Gameplay Programming, Post Processing, Game Design)



A collaborative puzzle game I made in 3 days with some friends for the GMTK GameJam 2021. We wanted to create a collaborative gave with hidden clues on internet pages, hidden game files that needed to be changed and much more

The Team:

Carlo Hinojosa Relión - Programmer, Tech Artist, Game Designer, Level Design

Sebastian Recillas Vázquez - Programmer, Game Designer, Level Design

Alberto Vásquez Pérez - Programmer, Game Designer

Relion - Game Designer, 3D Art

Dracoco - Game Designer, UI & 2D Art

Alexis Roa Sotuyo - AFX

Vans (Vania Gardida) - Q&A, Testing

Cuyamal - Q&A, Testing

SlendermanDB - Q&A, Testing

Shader Design

We wanted the look of black-and-white art with no illumination, but with outlines, so I made a toon shader with no lighting and an outline option. I created some of the levels of the game.

Gameplay Programming

I programmed some of the hidden file gameplay; for example, you had to name a specific game file in a certain way for a door to get open in-game

Current Project

Unity 3D (Post Processing, Shader/Material, Lighting Configuration)


Im currently working on tests with different assets for a future project.

Custom Post Processing, lightigh, Reflection Probes, 3D shadows for sprites

Material Variants

I created some materials with decay.

CellShading Shader with pixelart filter

ViewTrough Shader


I have always loved game programming and the process of creating game art, and that's when I discovered that there was an area in which both blended, which was the job of a technical artist. I love solving problems with creative solutions and communicating between game dev areas for a more united vision of the game. I also like gameplay programming, UI Programming and Game design.

I have also made myself a career in Esports as a caster/player, especially in games like super smash bros ultimate and Valorant. I am also a content creator who talks about the game industry and tips and tricks to get into learning game development.

I have played videogames since I remember; playing ocarina of time was my very first game, and now I love playing a variety of different games like Valorant, VA11-HALL-A, Celeste, Hades, Sonic Frontiers, Valorant, LOL, SSBU, etc


Bachelor's Degree in Games Programming SAE Institute México/ Middlesex University (2018/2021)